Get to know the rhythm of São Paulo

Do not die without: understand São Paulo
Posted on January 20, 2014 by Eduardo Benesi

There was once the driver who hated the biker who hated the bus that hated the cyclist who hated the pedestrian who hated umbrella drivers. The core of São Paulo's irritations are concentrated in a chaotic scenario called traffic. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has Avenida Paulista, a girl with glasses of degree, who loves art and noise, who spies us over hyperactive buildings, which carries the burden of the hostess.

The paulistano has his own speed and anxious, we have crises of irritation with who does not adapt to our trot. Walking slowly is almost a "I'm not from here" certificate. But you can not generalize.

There is this old quarter, the Vila Mariana, of old nostalgia, pomegranate feet, and houses with peeling colors: a grandmother's embrace.

In São Paulo the competition happens even in the traffic: when you go to the car in the lighthouse and the automobile of the neighboring band will also stop, notice that he will always find a way to brake a little ahead of you. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has Pompeia, that neighborhood that runs at 60 degrees, which has people talking loud, has blues and copaíbas, has a thousand Palmeirenses.

If you come from outside prepare yourself: they will imitate your accent. Correcting Portuguese here is a constant, there is much of that egocentrism of those who think that the correct language is only local. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has Pinheiros: late-afternoon neighborhoods, tight balconies, benedita bohemia, beer below 0, architects and sofas, theodoros instruments and musical stores.

Paulistano specializes in losing the trailer for the film, getting to know you thoroughly in one day and the next pretending that you do not know him. But you can not generalize.

São paulo has the Bixiga: neighborhood of affective warmth, the taste of basil, the stiff breasts, the comfortable vibration, the pomodoro love.

Here, they will indirectly ask you what your job is: "What are you doing with your life?", And you have to be doing something, make up anything, otherwise you are a tramp poet. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has the Frei Caneca, a pink street, with the stirring protest, the unforgettable kiss, the party people, the figures that "ahazam".

In São Paulo it is only delay 10 minutes after the delay itself. The subway is a hub of people rolling their timelines over the Smartphone. A crowd smiling at small screens. But you can not generalize.

Paulistano suffers from the hangover of euphoria: he is lazy to call the next day, and on Sundays, it only exists after 3 in the afternoon. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has the March 25, sweaty street, which car has no turn, from the pirate Nike catalogs, apparatus that does massage without permission, banana prices.

Want to annoy a paulistano? Walk in isolation cordon (couples or groups that close a narrow passageway by walking side by side) and you will be very cursed in thought. Stop on the left of the escalator and you will be guilty of a collective delay. We are neurotic, do not doubt. But you can not generalize.

São Paulo has Mooca, a hot neighborhood with a worried mother, pizza with a thick crust, innocent rabiola, mischievous kids, Sunday sun at Juventus.

São Paulo rhymes with mortadela, gray, flood, air conditioning, planters, neighborhood pizzeria, drizzle, motoboy in the mirror, and more love please.

Sao Paulo has Ibira, a healed and unmanned park that loves a bicycle. There is Vila Madalena, a girl in a skirt with sneakers, who does not reach the blackberries in her foot and asks the young man on the side without trial for help.

There are Tatuapé and there are light bugs. Has Capão Redondo and has several Yakult aunts. There's Morumbi and Vila Leopoldina, and there's a place I do not even know. São Paulo is where children keep the arm-ball in their pockets, and the wagon men who carry their life summaries on the back

São Paulo is the host city of paradoxes, but it is not enough to generalize.

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